Sessions In Pain – Discovering the Victory of Job

by admin on January 17, 2014

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9781613793060_lgAre you living with a painful episode(s) locked in your heart?  You know what it is – that time in your life you cannot bear to think about and will never talk about.  That thing that you’ve decided is better off buried although it grawns at the deep recesses of your soul and sometimes cries out in your dreams for a voice.  Sessions in Pain is an exploration into one of the most tragic lives of human history.  It was written to help you begin  the work of facing and cleaning out the closets of your own soul to bring you to a place of strength, victory and resolution in God.  Our Lord knows all that you suffered and knows all that you carry and He waits to bring you to victory just as He did Job.  Don’t carry this burden another day.

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