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by Dr. Karen Colvin on March 14, 2015

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Leaving Babylon Cover

Leaving Babylon: Unmasking the Great Prostitute

By Dr. Karen Colvin

The day comes for all of us to make the choice to leave Babylon or to stay within her walls. It is a difficult choice because we were all born in Babylon, educated in her, and most of us have lived out our lives in her societies. For many of us, she is camouflaged so well that we do not believe that she exists.
She has taught us to live our lives under a lie, hiding and afraid. Her power over humanity is in her anonymity. Her deception thrives in our unbelief of her existence.

God’s love for humanity calls to us to leave her so that we may be set free to live in His kingdom.

Leaving Babylon tells of a spiritual journey in facing the human condition both as an individual and as members of a race of beings who are in desperate need of rescue. We exist afraid of the truths of our vulnerabilities, when we can live in security as children of the Living God.

There is hope and help for us, but we must have the courage and faith to look our oppressor in the eye, take hold of our Father’s hand, and “leave Babylon.”

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Paperback: 6 x 9
178 Pages

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Release Date: 2015-05-26


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