by Dr. Karen Colvin on May 2, 2014

in The Autism Times


During this Easter season one the moms at our center shared with me a picture that her son with autism drew of Jesus Christ. He drew Jesus and the Cross as one entity. When I first saw the picture I laughed as I understood how our children think in such a concrete manner, but later I began to think about the powerful message that this  picture captured Рthe commitment of Christ to bear the the Cross for the sake of humanity РHe was one with it!

The picture also spoke to me of ¬†all of the many parents and caregivers that bear the “cross of autism” with their son or daughter everyday. When we received the diagnosis of this lifelong disability, we grieved at first, but then the love that we had for our child brought us to a place of total commitment – we would lay down our lives for this vulnerable human being that we loved more than our own lives.

Just as many people may wear a cross around their neck as a reminder of the beauty of the commitment Christ made for them, we can be reminded in our daily sacrifices of the beauty of our commitment. God sees our lives everyday. He has entrusted us with a special life and just like His Son we are compelled by love to carry out this great commitment.

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