Word Up!

by Dr. Karen Colvin on August 15, 2014

in Word of the Week

fierydartsIt is God’s will that you heal completely of every wound, every injury, and every offense. Reject words and avoid situations that are designed to cause you to relapse.  You will already be in a daily struggle overcoming the memories that the enemy wishes to play, over and over again, in your mind; therefore, take care not to allow the words of others to add to this struggle; fight their words with the Word of God. 

Sessions in Pain, pg. 229

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but word will never hurt me” is the old saying. The truth is words can break hearts, words can break spirits, and words can break minds. The Bible speaks of the “fiery darts” of the wicked one. Many times these darts come in the form of words – words from Satan or from those who would allow him to speak through them. The Word of God goes on to say,  the “Shield of Faith” will quench (extinguish, snuff out, smother, suppress ) every one of those darts (See Ephesians 6:16).

The battle cry is Word Up!

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