The Work in the Wait

by Dr. Karen Colvin on May 8, 2015

in The Autism Times, Word of the Week

Jesus and business men Sometimes we are waiting because we are missing the lessons all around us. Whether it is because of busyness, personal struggles or self pity, we are missing our lessons. I have been so guilty of this—so busy doing that I missed loving.

Sessions in Pain pg. 185

As I have work with my son with autism and other children I have noticed how sometimes the schools must move them on to the next grade or even graduation because they are aging out and they have no room for them to stay – they cannot wait for them to learn. In contrast, our Lord waits patiently for us to achieve to the next level in Him. He does not move us into places where we will fail because we are unprepared. He loves us enough to take the time and wait for the work to be accomplished…

Jesus on a park bench,man                                                                   in us

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