Sloth, Cheating, and Murder 

by Dr. Karen Colvin on May 15, 2015

in Word of the Week

 Leaving Babylon, pg. 80-81:

Self-Deception-MaskOur inheritance as the children of Babylon was manifested in the lives of the first brothers of humanity, Cain and Abel. We see one who was seeking to do what was right and what was required of him, and the other who was lazy and who sought to deceive God. From the beginning of our fall, we see the ways of Babylon displayed in our interactions with God and with each other. She teaches us to cheat to get ahead, and in doing this, she keeps us lazy, small, and undeveloped. We move along, but we do not do what is required for us to grow and mature. We have become very proficient in the methods of deception to “get ahead,” and we have even learned to take pride in this. Sometimes we call this being business savvy. We revel in how well we have cheated our brothers and sisters. Babylon’s greed uses us to rape humanity of its resources, and we are proud of it as we teach our methods to the next generation.

God would have honored Cain’s gift if he had brought his best as Abel did. Babylon teaches us that it is all right to take shortcuts and cheat instead of doing all that is required of us or what we are capable of with our gifts and talents. God places great gifts in each of us, gifts that make us unique blessings to the world. However, under Babylon’s tutelage, we learn to forsake our gifts and pursue the cunning paths of cheating, deception, and even murder to succeed in life. Our murdering of each other is not always in the form of taking our brother’s physical life. Sometimes we murder the dreams and self-esteem of others with our tongues. Out of a spirit of jealousy, we will berate the good work of our brothers and sisters, murdering their hope. In the spirit of Babylon, we seek to destroy whatever we cannot possess. Babylon’s scheme is to convince you that you have no gifts, and for some reason, God has not given you what you need to succeed in life. This is a lie. Both Cain and Abel were gifted and talented, but one chose the way of Babylon. Cain gave God less than what God knew he could do. When God challenged him on this point, he responded with murder. How will you respond?


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