The Strongman

by Dr. Karen Colvin on August 1, 2014

in Word of the Week

MAN RUNNINGThe strongman is deceived into believing if he could get this thing and then the next thing that he will be satisfied, but it never happens. He would turn to God but pride grips his heart too tightly; so he continues in his quest for more and more, racing toward his own destruction. He forgets that only Christ can satisfy his deepest of longings.

Sessions in Pain pg. 197

The strongman or  strongwoman lives life chasing an illusion. Satisfaction will never be theirs as long as they pursue their delusion of life. Some want to engage with God but only on their terms; however, His presence will only be found by submitting to His way. PRAY FOR THE STRONGMAN; pray that the chains that bind his mind and heart would be broken, for if they remain he will die disappointed.



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