The Power of Stability

by Dr. Karen Colvin on May 20, 2014

in The Autism Times

tree & sunriseAutism in the family forces stability. It forced our family into set routines,  therapy schedules, and caregiving responsibilities. At first I resented these changes because it meant I would have to commit to daily tasks that I hadn’t planned on; but in time I discovered there was a power in this stability. This stability was good for everyone in the family. Everyone knew what to expect each day and they found a comfort and security in that. It is like how we feel each morning when our Heavenly Father faithfully sends the sunrise. We peacefully walk into tomorrow knowing He holds the plan of it in His hands.

In contrast, instability brings,  insecurity in children and frustration in adults. It is like a tree that is constantly being transplanted. Such a tree will never grow to be lush and strong. Its trunk will never broaden as it should, and worse of all it may never produce fruit. Many families live like this.

Embrace the gift of stability that has been forced into your life. Cultivate it and produce the fruit of your life!

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