House of Cards

by Dr. Karen Colvin on March 21, 2014

in Word of the Week

falling cardsGod may allow situations in our lives to show us who or what we really trust and rely on. Sometimes, God has to force us to see that we are living in a “house of cards” that will eventually collapse.  Many times we make the bold claim that we trust in God; and it is even printed on our money, but when we are faced with tragedy, who do we really trust?

Sessions in Pain, pg. 66

It is amazing how much of our lives are invested  into things that will depreciate. Everything “man made” is decaying; yet we argue, fight and even murder for these things. The saddest note of all, is that we embrace these things at the expense of the eternal things – family, friends and God. When my daughter was born I remember someone saying to me, “She is the only thing that can go to heaven with you.”

Live your life in the eternal!

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