He’s Got the Whole World…

by Dr. Karen Colvin on September 19, 2014

in Word of the Week

In his hands

I take comfort in our God who will always be just; His judgments are forever true and right. He will make things right and His government will never fail! Oh my friend, rest and live in the peace of His unfailing righteousness in the midst of a world of corruption and compromise.

Sessions in Pain, pg. 100

Our Lord will have the last word in all things of this Earth. He has us; He holds us; we are His. In this world where people pass us by each day barely noticing our existence, it is hard for us to fathom our great God knowing us in such detail. But He does. He will take care of your world. He counts the hairs on your head and calls you, beloved.

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He's Got the Whole World