Following Dollar Signs

by Dr. Karen Colvin on June 5, 2015

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money-chaseWhen you are on the road to success, it is easy to lack care for the needs of others. You can tell yourself that one day you will come back and help them. Few really do come back, because quietly and insidiously one’s attitude changes. Worldly desires begin to creep into your heart and dictate another direction. Before you know it, you have learned to follow dollar signs over God’s leading.

Sessions in Pain pg. 39

Beloved, the rules and ways of Babylon are lies. Money and power does not satisfy the true needs and longings of the human heart. You can choose to spend you life serving money or you can choose to spend your life serving God. One is temporal and One is eternal. One will end with your life on Earth and One will carry you in Love throughout eternity.

Choose wiselythe-hand-of-god-1

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