by Dr. Karen Colvin on June 19, 2017

in Word of the Week

We have read and heard about many who have died for the faith. The mindset at this level of faith is that of a great warrior for God. The warrior has answered the question, “Am I willing to die for what God has called me to do?” Few reach this level. When we read about the martyrs for Christ, we can only imagine the faith in their hearts; but to experience this faith is something all together different. Sessions in Pain pg. 138

AUTHOR’S COMMENTS: The great apostle wrote, “I die daily” (1 Cor.15:31). To experience the great and awesome faith of a martyr you must begin with the “daily dying”. The dying of your tongue, your attitude, and your behavior must proceed the full laying down of your life for Christ. The faith of a martyr is attainable even as you continue living, but it must begin with the “daily dying”.

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