Still in Pain

by Dr. Karen Colvin on March 20, 2015

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gun praisesyria-terrorist-attack3 As we look at all the acts of devastation committed by men and women in our world today, from those of terrorism, to acts of vengeance, to addictions, to perverted behaviors, many are born out of the desire to relieve heartfelt pain—but it is all a lie! Unfortunately, many do not realize the lie until they have carried out the agenda of Satan and have lost everything; their relationships have been destroyed, people have died, and they are still in pain.

Sessions in Pain pg. 112

There is only One relief  for the tortured human soul, and that is the Savior of gun at the crosshumanity, Jesus Christ. The old song goes, “When you’ve tried everything and everything has failed, try Jesus”; but I implore you to Try Jesus First! Before you exact revenge, or engage in perversions, and habits to relieve your aching heart – Try Jesus. Get quiet before Him and listen for the still small voice that will minister to the depths of your pain.

                                                                       He is the Pain Reliever.


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