Random Acts

by Dr. Karen Colvin on October 10, 2014

in The Autism Times


Jesus watching. leftside copy croppedThe Word of God teaches us that in the lives of those that love God, no pain in life is just a random act having no purpose or meaning other than to hurt us. He always has a plan for whatever events take place in our lives. In our time of deepest agony this is a difficult pill to swallow, but it remains true through those moments when our faith is weakest. I encourage you to look up and start again; even if everything or everyone you trusted in is gone, take His hand and start again.

Sessions in Pain pg. 76 

In this fallen world that we live in sometimes it is hard to see the involvement of our good and loving God. He did not choose a fallen world for us, He did not choose autism for our children, and He did not choose the random acts of evil that may hit our lives. But what He will do is remain with us through these acts and cause them to work together for our good as we choose to love Him and trust Him. God gave humanity the gift of free will and sometimes that translates into suffering and acts of evil; but He remains the Lord of the Eternal that holds us in this life and into the next.

In Him there are no Random Acts.

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