Precious Moments – the Quiet Victories

by Dr. Karen Colvin on December 26, 2014

in The Autism Times

Keeping-a-Journal-More-Precious-than-GoldJournal what God is teaching you. You must grasp the precious moments with Him in this season; take advantage of this time of waiting…the lowliest hearts are closest to God. You may think you are stagnant, but you are never closer to the flow of His Spirit than when you are waiting with your heart ready to receive.

Sessions in Pain, pg. 189


Oh the joy of a cultivated heart! A heart that has been turn toward Christ through adversity; a heart that sits waiting to receive the seeds of God for the future of its life. These precious moments of waiting will become benchmarks of your best growth. These will be the quiet victories that you will testify to, encourage others with, and even write books about. They are the moments worth recording in the journals of your heart.

Seeing the Glory of God

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