Learning to Love

by Dr. Karen Colvin on September 5, 2014

in Word of the Week

PREHUGHow often have I rushed into a room giving instructions on how to get things done and totally missed a broken heart in the people I work with? “God is LOVE”; and to truly know Him is to operate in His Love, and beloved, Love is patient…that means Love waits. We want the great things in God: to be prosperous, to be leaders, to be teachers and developers and we have not yet learned to Love.

Sessions in Pain pg. 186

Love radiates comfort and strength to everyone it touches. When I think of how much God loves and care for me I am infused with a sense of confidence, peace and a new strength to proceed in the face of sorrow. How can we do any less for each other. This will be hardest for those of us with a choleric or powerful temperament. We want the work done yesterday; but we must remember that the foundation of any lasting work is Love!


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