Dysfunctional Nation: The Children of Babylon (LB)

by Dr. Karen Colvin on June 13, 2015

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The Children of Babylon

Living under Curses

city crowd.possible back cover.330dpi.REPLACEBLE.Adam and Eve’s weakness in the garden led to a curse. Cain’s murder of his brother led to a curse. Sin curses us and continues to curse us in every area of our lives. Our families, our work, our bodies, our minds, our governments are all operating under curses. We call it being dysfunctional. If we dissect this word dysfunctional, its meaning is clear: dys means “bad” and function means “activity or purpose.” Dysfunction means “bad activity or purpose.” This is the very definition of a “curse,” which means “to cause harm or misery.”

We are unable to function properly or purposefully. For example, our families were designed to love, protect, and nurture us. All of these aspects are important, even crucial, to healthy human lives. But all of these things fail to flourish because many human families are not functioning properly due to the curses of sin.

Abuses within the human family are at numbers that overwhelm our departments of social services, child welfare, police, and other protective resources in our societies. We live cursed, and our children grow up cursed, and there is no escape except through the arms of Christ.

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