Defining Your Field

by Dr. Karen Colvin on July 5, 2014

in The Autism Times

defining your field1Having a child with autism can appear to be a sentence to isolation. You must carefully schedule the places you must go and the things that you must do to conform to the demands                 of this disorder. We live a gated  life that has limits and boundaries of time and space.

God has helped me to see that this gated life is also the field in which He has called me to work. The many limits of my field has brought with it the solitude I needed to reflect, grow, and write the messages sent to my heart that have encouraged others. God defined a field for me to minister His love to my family, friends, and others. He showed me the countless possibilities in my field. Limits will transform before God – with Him all things are possible.

Through the years I have learned to love my field for it has brought me so much strength, peace, and joy!  I no longer stress over the small things and I see God’s love and blessings in things that others are blinded to. I was once like them until He defined my field. Beloved, let God define your field – it is beautiful!

He place my foot upon a Rock and established my goings!


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Betty Nufer July 10, 2014 at 2:04 pm

beautiful words, Karen. Love you so much! Thank you for allowing me to be in “this field” with you.


Dr. Karen Colvin July 12, 2014 at 4:46 pm

You are a blessing to my field and my life.


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