Around and Around

by Dr. Karen Colvin on February 27, 2015

in Word of the Week

walking in circles at the foot of the mountain As much as your flesh desires to scream out the injustices done to you over and over again, resist it. Such behavior avails very little and often sets you back in your spiritual strength. You will keep going around and around, reliving the injustices and never progressing toward a place of peace in your spirit. This must be recognized as a device the enemy uses to keep your mind in turmoil and bondage.

Sessions in Pain pg. 163

Aren’t you tired of going around and around the same mountain? No progress in your spirit, mind, will and emotions. Still vulnerable year after year to the same ¬†fears, the same anger, and the same behaviors. Beloved, Jesus died so that you could overcome. He died so that you can stop going around the mountain and in His name…

conquer it!mountian with the cross


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