by Dr. Karen Colvin on June 15, 2018

in Word of the Week

We were masters over all life. All life on earth was commanded by the Creator to obey man. We were truly kings and queens of the planet—children of the Most High God in every way. We lived and walked on the planet in the authority of our Father, and there was perfect peace on earth.
Today, we are so far removed from such an existence that it is almost impossible for us to imagine such a state of living. Some humans have tried to recreate the original garden’s existence only to fail miserably. Why? Because even when we try to escape from the big cities, technology, human governments, and “certain people,” we carry with us one huge flaw—sin. We cannot erase our sin. Sooner or later as we try to create a human utopia, we see the emergence of pride, greed, jealousy, murder, and every other vice common to fallen humanity. We gave Satan, the prince and power of the air, our authority, and he and his demons will follow us wherever we run to on the planet. In all circumstances, situations, and man-made havens, we still needed a Savior—a Savior who can stand up and defeat Satan for us. Humanity needed Jesus!
“Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” John 1:29b

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