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God Speaks

by Dr. Karen Colvin on March 6, 2014

in The Autism Times


I remember years ago a friend telling me that she was praying for my son, Matthew who has autism. She told me that she was praying that his autism be cured so that God could speak to him. Then she told me that she heard God speak to her spirit that, “He talks to Matthew all the time!”

It dawned on her that although all of us were having difficulty communicating with Matthew, God could always speak to his mind and spirit.

Many times Matthew will not respond to questions, but every time I  ask him, “Matthew, do you love God?”, and he would always respond readily, “Yes, I love God!”

Be encouraged, my friends, even as it seems your child is locked away in a world where you can rarely reach him/her. God can always reach them and touch their spirits with His love.


Our Times Are In His Hands

by Dr. Karen Colvin on February 28, 2014

in The Autism Times


As parents or caregivers of children and adults with autism it is important that we purposefully make decisions to keep ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

Living with autism in your home can be confining and limiting or it can be embraced as an opportunity – an opportunity for you to create and explore the gifts within yourself. I have found that creation usually occurs in solitude. Some of the best works of humanity have occurred in isolation! Pray, journal and then create something wonderful for the world.