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by Dr. Karen Colvin on November 17, 2017

in Word of the Week

I am so glad God remembers our value and worth to Him.  I’ve experienced His sending someone that I had helped along my path when I felt discouraged, who reminded me of the work He has done in my life.  Such reminders cause me to hope again, to recall His Word:  “For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure” (Philippians 2:13). 

Sessions in Pain, pg. 58

 AUTHOR’S COMMENTS: Beloved, in this day and time when so much is coming at us at once discouragement can evelope us very easily. But remember that your Lord has already won your battle! Your work is to hope again everyday and keep the “Shield of Faith” up until you reach the finish line.

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by Dr. Karen Colvin on November 10, 2017

in Word of the Week

Leaving Babylon pgs. 15-16

Babylon is described as one who commits adultery with many kings. To commit adultery, one has to have a commitment and owe loyalty to someone. You may not commit adultery unless you have made promises to someone and owe responsibility (care and protection) to someone. Therefore, we see that the Word of God describes Babylon as a betrayer of the people to whom she owes commitments. She betrays them for her own selfish gain. She sells out the people in her charge to anyone that can pay her price. She leads the kings of the earth or those in authority— the CEOs, the presidents, the prime ministers, and even fathers and mothers, to betray those in their care. News stories explode with the deliberate acts of business and world leaders who cheat and exploit the people who have put their trust in them, for selfish gain.

Babylon is described  as  someone  with  whom  the people of the earth were drunk. They lost control of themselves and neglected their responsibilities, because of her adulteries and her willingness to sell anything and anyone for a price. The people of the earth flocked to her ways of conducting business. They became intoxicated by her profits from the sell out of herself and the betrayal of her responsibilities. Nothing and no one is safe from being sold to and ravaged by the highest bidder.

Author: The Word of God remains true, “For her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes” (Rev. 18:5)


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by Dr. Karen Colvin on November 3, 2017

in Word of the Week

The strongman often lives not realizing that God’s glory has left his life.  His fear and pain grow as he eventually recognizes that he is alone; but he remains too proud to admit his error and convinces himself that he won’t be like the others he has heard of who destroyed themselves.  He is bound by the grip of pride and like so many great men, here he falls…Lucifer fell here.

Sessions in Pain pg. 194

AUTHOR’S COMMENTS: Beloved, why fall here at the feet of pride? The “strongman”can be that part of any one of us that thinks it knows better than God. He may have accepted Christ but fails to allow the Holy Spirit to rule. It is essentially our ego or our sense of self that we usually protect with a shield of pride. Humility is rejected as weakness in the heart of the strongman. But the Word God remains true:

“So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor” (1Peter 5:6 nlt).




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God’s Unchanging Hand

by Dr. Karen Colvin on October 27, 2017

in Word of the Week

Leaving Babylon Pg. 13                                                                                               Leaving Babylon is about a constant abiding in Christ. It is about making daily decisions and even momentary decisions to abide in His will and His way over Babylon’s. The choice to leave will change your life forever, bringing you into the great purpose for your life, designed by your Creator. It will take love, courage, and an unshakable faith in your heavenly Father, but take heart. He is faithful to lead you out of Babylon!

AUTHOR’S COMMENTS: Leaving Babylon is an eternal journey paved by taunts and jeers to turn back. As Babylon continues to beckon to us on our journey we hold to God’s unchanging hand. The great songwriter Jeanie Wilson wrote:

“Time is filled with swift transition,
Naught (nothing) of earth unmoved can stand,
Build your hopes on things eternal,
Hold to God’s unchanging hand.

Hold to God’s unchanging hand,
Hold to God’s unchanging hand;
Build your hopes on things eternal,
Hold to God’s unchanging hand.




by Dr. Karen Colvin on October 20, 2017

in Word of the Week

You must learn to pay close attention to your daily decisions and remember to ask yourself, “Did I check it with God?” Remember, if you step out like the strongman without God, the stronger one will find you. Check the Bible and the history books—no one is safe outside of God—no one! Sessions in Pain pg. 198

 AUTHOR’S COMMENTS: When we step out in faith it does not have to be pretty it just needs to be ordered by God. If He has said “yes”, then go forward in faith!

The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it. (1 Thess. 5:24 BSB).

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by Dr. Karen Colvin on October 13, 2017

in Word of the Week

That day in Eden, the conditions of our reproduction changed. “To the woman He said: ‘I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; In pain you shall bring forth children’” (Gen. 3:16a, nkjv). As we look at this change in the procreation of humanity, we see God placing a condition on pregnancy and childbirth, coupling it with sorrow and pain. Why did God change our biology in this manner? What do we learn in these conditions as we bring forth new life through suffering? Could this be a message from our Creator concerning the cost of sin and the coming sacrifice of His Son, Jesus the Christ, who would bring forth new life to humanity through His suffering?

God told the serpent that “her Seed” would bruise his head. We know that this is referring to Christ, but it should be noted that God sent Him through the human representative of suffering for new life—the woman. “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel” (Gen. 3:15, nkjv; emphasis mine).

Our God is ever loving and ever teaching us the way to life. Within our new biology, He sent us a message of love. The message that rescue was coming, that His Son would pay the price, and that one day we could leave Babylon.


“Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.”(Hebrews 12:2b nlt).


We Do Not Handle God

by Dr. Karen Colvin on October 6, 2017

in Word of the Week

We must always remember that we do not handle God or direct His presence. As the name Ark of the Covenant implies, it is the representation of God’s covenant or contract with Israel. His agreements always stand regardless of the situation. Sessions in Pain pg. 91

AUTHOR’S COMMENTS: I am so glad that we can never ‘handle’ or manipulate God. His Covenant with us is immutable and steadfast through any storm. Even when we change He remains true to His promise: “If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself(2 Timothy 2:13 BSB).

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by Dr. Karen Colvin on September 29, 2017

in Word of the Week

Leaving Babylon pgs. 20-21

After they were created, the truth of God was spoken to Adam and Eve. God said, “You may freely eat any fruit in the garden except fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you eat of its fruit, you will surely die”(Gen. 2:15–17, nlt). Babylon came to lord over us the day Adam and Eve, the parents of humanity, chose her over the ways of God. In Genesis 3, we see the scene laid before us as Satan, in the form of a serpent, presents to Adam and Eve the first lie told to humanity.

Satan said, “You won’t die!…God knows that your eyes will be opened when you eat it. You will become just like God, knowing everything, both good and evil” (Gen. 3:4–5, nlt).

Humanity must make a choice. We chose the “lie” over the “truth.” In making this choice, we relinquished the gifts and blessings of God, and we died that day, just as God said we would. The human race experienced the truest definition of death—separation from God. We chose to separate ourselves from our heavenly Father and went under the rule of Babylon (1 Cor. 15:22, nkjv).

AUTHOR’S COMMENTS: But it was not over for us. Our Heavenly Father continued to reach out to us.  “For God so [greatly] loved and dearly prized the world, that He [even] gave His[One and] only begotten Son, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him [as Savior] shall not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16 amp).

choose truth!

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by Dr. Karen Colvin on September 23, 2017

in Word of the Week

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Beloved, Christ has already suffered and died for your wounds and holds the healing balm for your heart in His hands. Your offender may never pay for his/her sins in this life to your satisfaction; they may never apologize or acknowledge their wrong. What if the offender has died? If you required their apology to heal, then you leave yourself carrying an open wound until you die.

Sessions in Pain pg. 219

Hear my cry, O God; Attend to my prayer.
From the end of the earth I will cry to You,
When my heart is overwhelmed;
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61:1-2 nkjv



by Dr. Karen Colvin on September 15, 2017

in Word of the Week

LEAVING BABYLON pgs. 76-77                                                                                               Once you choose God’s will, you must learn the new ideals and attitudes of your heavenly Father. This is the reconstruction of your will. This reconstruction happens in the flow of the River of God.

As your mind is being renewed, it must be refurnished with the knowledge of the will of God. We must be reeducated. Imagine your mind is like a room full of old, dusty, broken-down furniture, and that each piece of furniture represents an attitude that you operate in when circumstances arise in your life, your warped will. Anxiety, envy, pride, anger, resentment, and other destructive attitudes decorate the room of your mind. You use this defective furniture although it is dirty and stains your soul and clouds your thought processes. You use it although it makes the situations of your life worse. You use it although it destroys the relationships with the ones you love. You sit on this furniture although the legs break and leave you lopsided in your understanding. Life doesn’t make sense or has no purpose or meaning.This old furniture leaves you confused and wandering through life, wondering, “What went wrong?” Our former attitudes are inadequate and will never bring the true knowledge of God and the true understanding of the human condition.

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”(2 Cor. 5:17 niv)